King-Case offers clients an unprecedented data-driven methodology for optimizing menu communications in order to increase profits and enhance brand value.


We utilize point-of sales data to analyze customer purchasing behavior and forecasting methods to identify opportunities for growth. Our work with clients includes guidance on which items to promote, an understanding of how customers trade around the menu and insights on product demand. We use a blend of science and industry experience to offer tailored analytical solutions to help foodservice brands increase margins across menu items, without negatively impacting customer buying patterns and behavior.


Our research team draws from the sciences of TURF analysis, eye-tracking, ethnography, video behavioral studies, qualitative and quantitative studies to understand consumer attitudes and behavior regarding your in-store and drive-thru menuboard and path-to-purchase communications. We can identify the most significant opportunities for communications improvement. And we can validate and prioritize those new improvement strategies that will result in the greatest business growth and customer satisfaction.



Our menu optimization team will start with a review your current menu strategy to determine if and how it is leveraged on your existing menuboard. If required, our menu strategists can update (or create from scratch) a menu strategy to identify how the menu items you sell will contribute to your business objectives, as well as their prioritization on your menuboard.


Our data analytics  team integrates insights from basic sales analysis, menu pricing analysis, revenue situation analysis as well as overall menu performance analysis.


Using a large and proprietary best-practice database, and following a state-of-the-art process, our visual assessment team will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current menuboard communications, and make specific, actionable recommendations to optimize customer comprehension, increase sales and profits, and speed throughput. We will develop schematic/blueprints illustrating optimized menuboard architecture, layout, placement and space allocation of menu items.  And we will develop visual strategies using realistic color renderings that can be used to consumer-validate the new strategies, as well as a visual guide for the development of design executions for your new, optimized menu communications.

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Our path to purchase team will review and assess your current P2P strategy and communications to determine how your customers are shopping your store or restaurant. We will determine which signage, displays and product features they are looking at. We will also identify which store level communications they actually read and remember.


Utilizing these insights and information we will develop a dramatically improved P2P strategy and visual representation of it. This visual strategy will serve as the guide for developing P2P design executions that will increase sales and improve your customer experience. It's all part of a Total Store Communications optimization strategy.


We offer a wide range of back-of-house consulting and design-related services for your restaurant concept. Our foodservice team has worked with many leading brands providing services such as:

Programming FOH and BOH where disciplines interface

Financial Modeling

Full service designs including:

Design Studies

Schematic Design 

Design Development

Construction Documentation, including Bidding Services, Turn-Key Design Build, Solid Waste Solutions, and Procurement Services

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